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Tuesday 25th July 2017

Great Torrington Town Council - Lloyds Bank

If any private company decides it is going to close, there is nothing I am aware of that can be done to stop that. Indeed Lloyds has a national policy of closing branches. It recently closed Lynton, Combe Martin, Braunton, and Chulmleigh.
The Town Council did complain to the chief executive and the financial ombudsman, and whilst these actions might have slowed the process, it clearly wasn’t going to stop it.
On the positive side, talks have taken place with Nationwide re: the future service in the town. These talks have been encouraging, and we expect a good outcome. However any project has to be slotted into Nationwide’s programme. So it is not going to happen overnight.
In the meantime BT has submitted a planning application to site a cash machine at the entrance to Sydney House car park in South Street. We are expecting a quick decision from Torridge District Council.
Another application has been submitted by Duffy’s to site a cash machine in the front window and accessed from outside. Again we hope for a quick decision.
In the meantime there are machines in a number of shops within the town, but they can only be accessed whilst the shops are open.
We anticipate there will be at least one externally accessed cash machine in the town centre, but we have to wait a short while.
Michael Tighe, Town Clerk