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Friday 29th July 2016

You'll Be Surprised What You'll Find At Great Torrington Museum

Torrington Museum aims to showcase a little bit of everything that makes Torrington Great. We have far more fascinating exhibits than we currently have room to display, but we think you’ll love the current selection.
From early archaeological finds to artefacts that call to mind our rich agricultural past, to gloving machines that still work perfectly and memorabilia from Torrington in war time, a walk round the museum will take you on a tour of our town’s history.
Come and stay awhile, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find tucked amongst our exhibits. Maybe you’ll discover bells from our time-honoured town crier tradition, dentist’s instruments that will make you glad you live in modern times, or even a collection of vacuum cleaners!
Pay us a visit and discover more about Torrington’s history. Our volunteers will guide you round our collections, or explore in your own time. We’re open 10:30am-4pm Monday to Friday and 10:30am-1pm Saturday, admission is free.