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Saturday 28th May 2016

Can Anyone Help With a Local History Project?

Back in the 1930’s, Heard’s Garage in Torrington ran an annual charabanc outing to Bampton Fair pony sales. I am hoping that perhaps someone in Torrington might be able to tell me more about this – perhaps stories have been handed down in local families. Can anyone remember Tommy Reddaway who used to buy a pony most years? In addition, it would be fantastic if there are any photographs in existence showing the charabanc and passengers.

Also, does anyone know anything about a carrier service that Peter Hayward operated between St. Giles and Torrington with his Exmoor pony and cart during the last war? Again, information and photographs would be a great contribution to my project.
Naturally, if any readers have other interesting tales of Exmoors, I would love to hear them so please get in touch.”
Sue can be contacted on email at or on 01398 324113.