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26th September 2017

Vandalism of Great Torrington Play Areas

In the past few years the Town Council has resumed responsibility for the play areas at Greenbank and Trafalgar Drive, with a view to ensuring they are maintained locally, and where appropriate and possible, to equip for the benefit of the children of

21st August 2017

Torridge Announce Enhanced Recycling Collections

 From 1st September 2017 Torridge District Council are extending the range of plastic materials they will pick up in their weekly recycling collections to include nearly all types of plastics (with the only exception being black plastic). Resident

25th July 2017

Great Torrington Town Council - Lloyds Bank

Whilst it is extremely disappointing that Lloyds has closed both the branch and the cash machine, it does seem rather difficult to understand why the Town Council should be blamed.

8th July 2017

The 3rd Annual Big Bang @ GTS 2017 will take place at Great Torrington School, 6th October 2017 thanks to sponsorship from North Devon Manufacturers Association and Group Training and Development.

From 08:45 to 15.00, 600+ pupils from Primary & Secondary Schools will be wowed and inspired by professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).

8th June 2017

Annual Art Exhibition 2017

 Every year Great Torrington School has the opportunity to show off its Art and Design work at The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington. This is a particularly special event, as our Art Technician, Mrs. Michelle Witney goes to extraordinary lengths to d

26th May 2017

Record Amount Raised at This Year's Carnival!

The Great Torrington May Fair & Carnival Committee is pleased to confirm that the money raised from this year’s carnival collection was £2087.62, which is a record figure!

24th May 2017

Great Torrington Town and Community Hall Another Phase Now Completed!

 During the past couple of months, you may have seen some activity in the under-croft area of the Town Hall, where our builders, W.M.S. have been carrying out the intricate task of preparing the arches ready for glazing.

23rd May 2017

Torrington Food Bank Appeal

 The Torrington Food Bank would like to thank everyone who supports us, we remain busy and we are very grateful for all your donations.